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【5 Pcs】Electricity Saving Box Electric Energy Saving Device Power Saver / Jimat Elektrik / Energy Saver
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Product Descrption :
Quantity: 5 Pcs
【Malaysia Plug】
Intelligent Power Electricity Saving Box Energy Saver Box
The power saver can improve the power factor with full power
It can stabilize the voltage and current on the line
To reduce the reactive current losses, surge suppression interference
Avoid the waste of inactive to achieve power saving
The surge is built out to protect all the appliances, thereby extending the life of the all family appliances.
Stabilize the voltage regulator to prevent unstable voltage, so the electricity saving effect reaches a stable equilibrium
Extending the life of electrical goods.
Has the installation of anti-convex filter, to prevent the current convex wave, protect electrical supplies.
The electronic control capacitors, to current balance, full of electrical products to improve the use of power, avoid invalid electric waste.
Itself does not consume electrical current
24 hours 365 days, all-weather use does not increase the tariff burden.
It is suitable for air-conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, television, water pump, stereo, fluorescent lamps and other products.
Just plug the electricity saver in any 90-250V electrical outlet in your home or office.
Plug the electricity saved box to any sockets at home.
According to the appliance quantity and loading carry, you can use one or several standard appliances.
It can immediately attain the electricity-saved effect, no need maintenance.

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