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【FREE: 1 x Workout DVD】Six Packs AB Machine Total Core Rocket Twister Gym Abs Workout Exercise Abdominal Fitness
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【FREE: 1 x Basic Workout DVD】
The total core 2 abdominal exerciser is the amazing fitness machine that provides you with a complete 360-degree total core workout.
You'll workout your front core, upper and lower abs, side obliques, lower back and back of your core
Works your entire midsection, including your back muscles
Works abs, obliques and lower backs
Come with meter count
The spacious seat is 360mm wide and does not get stuck
The brilliant and unique core spring design makes working out easier and safety.
Adjusting the intensity is right or left
Designed to be foldable and easy to store, after being folded up it is only 120mm tall
Perfect for people of every age to do exercise any time & anywhere
Exercise abdomen while gently supporting your back.
Do sit-ups, push-ups and yoga in no time.
Improves circulation and muscle strength.
Excellent for body shaping and weight loss.
A modern training equipment that redefines and reshapes home workout.
Lightweight and portable, bring it along and train wherever and whenever you like.
Get rid of fats and shape your body in no time!
Increases blood flow, soothes arthritis and joint aches and pains.
Exercise stomach muscle
Trains your abdominal muscles
Enhance body immunity
Improve gastrointestinal peristalsis
Shape your body line perfectly
Easy to lose your weight
Strengthen your leg muscles
Build up sexy chest muscle
Comfortable and high-quality backrest and cushion
Meet the fitness requirement of different people
Compact and ergonomic design
Easy to assemble and store
Soothe insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind
Stimulate alpine, enhance digestion
Easy to make lean, ripped and sexy abs
Burn calories & build lean muscle in 10mins/day

Package Includes:
1 x AB Six Packs Machine
1 x Basic Workout DVD
1 x English Version Instruction Manual