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ORIGINAL Everlas ED15 Double Extension Ladder tangga 2 section
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  • Height: 4415mm (14.48 ft)
  • Extended Length: 7417 mm (24.33 ft)
  • Overlapped rung in extended mode: 4
  • Designed for architectural renovation works and industrial application where access to higher height is in demand
  • Fully endorsed by European Standard EN 131


  • British Certified EN: 131 with commercial loading capacity up to 150kg
  • Comes in 2 sections with a total extended length ranging from 3.5m to 10.1m.
  • Wide anti-slip heavy duty D-rung for comfortable footing
  • 3-Stage cold formed twist proof rug-stile joints were added to enhance the safety of users
  • Heavily ribbed stiles for better grip while ascending or descending from ladder
  • Solid cast aluminium hooks for maximum security